Thank You

As I read Romans 1 and the downward spiral of mankind, I invariably notice the words, “Neither were they thankful.” This seems to be the first step in a downward spiral of sinfulness for mankind.

I thank God for you regularly. Many of you faithfully send to us as God lays upon your hearts. Each day as I go to the Post Office and open P.O. Box 412, I am reminded about God’s faithfulness and your faithfulness in giving.

I thank God for the opportunity to represent Jesus Christ before the General Assembly, before the public, and in church services across this state. I thank God for the churches which financially support us, faithfully giving even when it is difficult at times.

I thank God for the faithful friends He has given to Barb and me, people we can count on. Thank you for your faithfulness. Many of you have given sacrificially as God has made it possible to give.

I know it is a miracle of God’s grace that we are able to continue on in ministry and have our needs met. I also know that the hand of God hearts and lays upon your hearts the needs of our ministry—and I am humbled by it. God is so faithful in providing for all of us. It is His provision for you that provides provision for us.